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It is a headache for parents who only have one baby to choose a name. Now, they need to have two names at once?

2. The fonts should be coordinated, varied and easy to write.

3. Combine family tradition, career and expectations of parents, elders and children.

4. There is family word ranking, which can prevent ancestors, heavy words and accents.

Twins can be felt in a family, because Chinese people care about "good things come in pairs". If a pair of twins can be born, many families should still be very happy. So, what nice names can be given to twin brothers born in 2020? What are the particulars about boy twin names? How to name them? How to name boy twin brothers born in 2020?

There are many meanings of repairing, such as: "modification, rectification, construction; research, learning; referring to high, extending to refer to; personal names and characters, more good and meanings.

The family refers to the family, and the old saying goes, "If you look at the country and the family in the past, you will lose." Later, the family refers to a person who has a certain kind of specialized knowledge and engaged in a certain kind of specialized activity. People's names and family characters take more of the previous meaning. China is a country with a strong family concept, and the family occupies an extremely important position in the social organizational structure. In terms of reflecting the name of a person, the character "jia" is often used.

Remote meaning,.

The original meaning of sharp is sensitive,,. It is used as a name to imply and forge ahead. The word Yi refers to leisure, peace, restraint, leisure and ease. The two characters mean comprehensiveness, the word Cong implies wisdom, and the characters Rui and Yi represent the attitude towards life.

The original meaning of the word "zhu" refers to the pillars supporting the house, and later it is extended to refer to column-shaped viewing objects or upright things, which is a metaphor for people or organizations that bear major responsibilities.

The characters Jun and Hao are commonly used characters for boys’ names, and they look imposing when paired with the character Feng. The name Jun has the characters “excellence, talent and appearance”, while Hao means open-minded, open-minded, and generous. It is matched with the word "Feng", which means achievement, great future.

Wei is a polyphonic character. When pronounced yù, it is a place name. When reading wèi, it refers to vegetation, gathering, and grandness, and it refers to literary talent and gorgeous diction.

The original meaning of the word means, without hindrance. After that, I understand the meaning of ,,,.

It means that people are both elegant and polite.

Rui is a definite character, which represents parents' hope for their children's life, auspicious wishes. The word Rui was selected as the name, which symbolizes knowledge, wisdom, and excellence, and the word Xuan that is warm, positive, lively and cheerful.

Chen Ruixuan: Ruijixiang, Yi, Xuan refers to the pavilion. The name of Chen Ruixuan means that there should be an auspicious life in life, the pursuit of noble ideals and pursuits, the pursuit of excellence, and always maintain a positive attitude.

The original meaning of the word is to walk, and it is extended to distance, separated. The name is extended as ,,,, meaning.

The word Suo means to search, look for, and take.

It represents the unity of all people, working together to accomplish one thing, and facing difficulties together.

This name represents the parents hope that the two brothers will work together and struggle together.

Many parents think that it is worthwhile to name their children for a long time, because when their children grow up, they will find that there is a deep meaning in their names, and this touch cannot be bought at any price. Parents should learn to split the names of their children. First, this method saves trouble, and second, because this method will leave an impression on people.

Since there are four characters in the idiom, if it is the meaning of the idiom, it is meaningful after splitting, and it matches with the five elements of Xiyongshen. The first two characters are used as the name of the elder brother, and the last two characters are used as the name of the younger brother. As Vientiane is renewed,

It comes from the "Nine Debates" of the Songs of Chu: "The scorpion and white ni are Xixi, and the spirits are abundant." It comes from a poem, which embodies the characteristics of twins. The two characters Xi and Feng are connotative characters. "Xi" means "Xi", which refers to learning and habits;

[Ruirui, Qiqi] The characters Rui and Qi are next to the character Wang, and they are similar in appearance. They are used for twin boys, which can highlight their similar characteristics. The word "Rui" stands for auspiciousness, and it is used as a trustworthy jade in ancient times, and it is used to name it auspiciously and magnificently;

【超超、】The name comes from a Chinese word "beyond". The meaning and connotation of this word can refer to, superb, refer to exceeding, surpassing, and also have the meaning of improving. Therefore, the twin boys were named Chaochao, which means connotation. Moreover, these two names sound domineering.

Naming is a link, it is a newborn, a name can not only bring good luck and auspiciousness, but also lay the foundation for their life.

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A complete collection of names for twin boys named Chen

100 nice names for twin boys surnamed Chen

In traditional Chinese culture, names have meanings, so many parents will give their children auspicious names. Parents surnamed Chen, naming is a problem.

In this article, I recommend you a complete collection of boy names with the surname Chen belonging to the rabbit.

The name comes from the classic "Book of Songs", and the verse is "Peng floats in the sky, near the sun and the moon." Peng is a kind of phoenix, a divine bird, symbolizing power and honor. This name represents the child's future career success, and at the same time represents the child's possession and honor. It is a boy's name with a pleasant surname and a rare meaning.

The name comes from "Book of Changes", in which "Zilong" is a kind of dragon, representing authority, tolerance and wisdom. In ancient times, the dragon was a symbol of auspiciousness, representing power, glory and harmony. This name implies that the child has high intelligence and quality.

The name is taken from "Xuanyuan" in "The Book of Songs". Xuanyuan is an ancient mythical figure who created the foundation of Chinese civilization and is the Chinese nation. This name represents that the child has talent and creativity and will become an outstanding person in the future. It is a rare domineering boy's name with a pleasant surname.

The name comes from the Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai's word "Letian", which means cheerful. This name implies that the child will have a cheerful personality in the future, and will persevere in meeting the challenges in life.

The name comes from Chen Ziang, a writer of the Tang Dynasty. He is a figure in the history of Tang Dynasty literature and is known as the "father of Confucian classics in the Tang Dynasty". This name represents that the child will be talented in the future and become an outstanding talent in literature or academics. It is a nice and rare boy name with the surname Chen.

Chen Zehan: Chen, in ancient times, it refers to the circle around the navel, and Zehan refers to the trickle of water. The name Zehan means good health, like water flow, calm, implying introversion, mentality, health and longevity.

Chen Zishu: Zishu is a red sandalwood tree. Shu, Zishu's name means that the heart is like red sandalwood, and the appearance, implying that life should be quiet, enjoy life, and not be too harmonious. It is a nice and rare surname Chen, implying a boy's name.

Chen Ruixuan: Ruijixiang, Yi, Xuan refers to the pavilion. The name of Chen Ruixuan means that there should be an auspicious life in life, the pursuit of noble ideals and pursuits, the pursuit of excellence, and always maintain a positive attitude.

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A complete collection of twin boy names surnamed Chen

Twin boys named Chen

Chen Ruibo: Smart and wise, Bo means broad and learned. Chen Ruibo's name means smart and wise, knowledgeable, pursuing knowledge and wisdom, broadening horizons, and carrying forward his own wisdom and ability.

Chen Tianyi: Tianyi is free between heaven and earth and speaks freely. Chen Tianyi's name means that in life, one must have a peaceful mind, be able to speak freely, pursue one's own ideals and goals, and be free from any constraints. It is a rare boy's name with a nice surname Chen.

Chen Siyuan: Si means thinking and rationality, and Yuan means origin and meaning. Chen Siyuan's name means to think and be rational, to explore the source and origin of problems, to do things with a beginning and an end, to follow the trend, and to maintain one's independent thinking ability and quality.

Chen Lecheng: , meaning, success means achievement, meaning. Chen Lecheng is famous, aggressive, strives to realize his ideals and goals, pursues and achieves, and enjoys life and happiness.

Chen Xi "Xi" means the rising sun, implying light and hope. The name Chen Xi can quote a sentence from "The Analects of Confucius": "Learning while learning from time to time, is it easy to say? Is it a pleasure to have friends come from afar?", expressing the pursuit of knowledge and friendship.

In addition, there is a sentence in "Shangshu" that "the sun is bright, the source" means the sun shines and the laws of nature. The name Chen Xi is sunny, confident and pursuing. It is a boy's name with a pleasant surname and a rare meaning.

Chen Han The word "Han" contains water, implying tolerance and virtue. In "Zhuangzi", there is a sentence "Great knowledge is free, knowledge is free, big space has no corners, small squares have many corners", which expresses the thought of tolerance. The name Chen Han can quote a sentence in "Mencius": "The benevolent loves others, and loves others forever." It expresses human care.

Chen Xu's word "Xu" means the rising sun, implying light and hope. The name Chen Xu can quote a sentence in "The Analects of Confucius": "A man of lofty ideals does not drink stolen spring water", which expresses the spirit of pursuing noble quality. At the same time, there is a sentence in the "Book of Changes" that "brightness comes from the ground, and the light comes from the earth", which means that the light comes from the earth, and the name Chen Xu is sunny, confident and pursuing.

Chen Yan's word "Yan" means fiery and burning, implying passion and enthusiasm. It is a boy's name with a pleasant surname and a rare meaning. In "Zhuangzi", there is a sentence "there is no mention of the great beauty of the heaven and the earth, but no discussion of the four seasons", which expresses the sublime and profound laws of nature.

The name Chen Yan can quote a sentence in the "Book of Songs": "Plucking the weeds and picking the weeds, the weeds stop. The day returns and the year returns." It expresses vitality and endless spirit.

Chen Xiao's word "Xiao" means high altitude and clouds, implying and transcending. The name Chen Xiao can quote a sentence from the "Tao Te Ching": "To the extreme of emptiness, to be faithful", which expresses the pursuit of inner peace and spiritual sublimation. In addition, there is a sentence in the "Book of Songs" that "there are eight sons in a horizontal direction, like a mountain cut down", which expresses the majestic and insurmountable power.

Hong Ren (hóng rén): Hong said, Ren is benevolence and love. "Mencius" said: "The benevolent man establishes himself and establishes others, and achieves himself to cultivate others." This name represents a kind-hearted, caring and compassionate person.

Puxin (pǔ xīn): Puyou, meaning, heart refers to the mind and heart. "The Doctrine of the Mean" says: "A gentleman cherishes virtue, while a villain cherishes soil; a gentleman cherishes punishment, and a villain cherishes benefits." This name expresses the meaning of a person's heart and heart.

Yun Gong (yǔn gōng): Allow means, agree, and respect means. It is said in "University": "Stay at the ultimate good, but; be cautious, without losing its protection." This name represents a person who can be with others.

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