[Is the Fengshui of the Southwest rooms good] Have you noticed the Fengshui of these houses? Is the Fengshui of the houses facing the Southwest good? Release time|How to judge|

Houses facing south from the north have been recognized as facing houses since ancient times, and the main house in ancient times was facing south. Why is this? This is closely related to the northern hemisphere and the angle of sunlight. In winter, the south-facing house can also be irradiated with sunlight into the depths, which makes people feel warm, but in summer, the house is exposed to direct sunlight, so the house is not exposed to sunlight.

The true south direction is the first choice, but when the conditions are limited, we can still choose the following orientations (in order): southeast, east, southwest, north and west. Although north-facing and west-facing houses receive sunshine time, as long as there are 2-3 hours of sunshine, it will eliminate the humidity in the room, kill bacteria, and adjust the indoor temperature.

5. If you sit in a house facing east and west, you will be in good health and have a happy family, but your career will decline and you will have aspirations.

Bathrooms are breeding grounds for germs, and lighting and ventilation must be ensured, so west-facing bathrooms should be avoided.

1. Sitting west and facing east, the house is full of vitality. It is a very suitable orientation for entrepreneurship. But the location of the home is not auspicious in fleeting years. Middle-aged men are worrying.

3. Houses facing south and facing north have signs of decay. There will be many verbal disputes, right and wrong, and wealth luck.

4. Sitting southwest and facing the northeast house, this is an auspicious feng shui orientation for living. Inner and beautiful, and outer, it is very suitable for family living in fleeting orientation.

Hello! I'm glad you answered, "" refers to the orientation of the whole house, while "sitting" and "" are opposite, which is the position of "mountain". Judging the orientation of a house is the basis for judging whether it is good or bad. In ancient times, all residences were mostly independent courtyards

6. Sitting in a house facing southeast and facing northwest is an unlucky sign, middle-aged women. Family and financial luck will be hindered.

When buying a house, those who understand the house will pay attention to a lot of knowledge, among which the Feng Shui of the house requires people to pay attention to the part. Whether a house's Feng Shui is good or not is related to many aspects, and the orientation of the house affects one part of Feng Shui. North, south, east, and west are the orientations of houses, but this is not the case. When buying a house, you must be able to choose the orientation of the house. So, is the feng shui of a southwest-facing house good? Let’s take a look at the knowledge introduction.

The orientation of the gate is important, and Feng Shui is particular about it, and it will cause trouble. For example, the gate opens to the southwest of the ghost gate, which is a typical "female husband-in-charge" house-measured at the center of the house. If the gate of the house is opened to the southwest of the entire house, it may cause the hostess to lose her temper and lose her temper over trivial matters. Because the gossip in the southwest belongs to the Kun hexagram, the character of the Kun hexagram represents the hostess, and the evil spirits in the southwest of the Kun hexagram will make the hostess tend to be a woman in charge of the husband, which is a scourge that affects the relationship between husband and wife. If the gate is set on the ghost gate line in the position of Kun, the consequences will be disastrous. This kind of housing adjustment is moving.

Although the southwest this year violates Tai Sui Sui Fang, but there are auspicious stars to dispel the evil spirits; and there are six fortune stars flying here, which will help the prosperity of wealth, so this year the southwest is auspicious. If you sit or lie down in this position, you know how to turn good luck into bad luck.

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If you want to resolve it, you can place a pair of dark green sun and moon unicorns as mascots in Southwest this year. Qilin is one of the four spirits in ancient times. It can not only attract wealth and happiness, but also ward off evil spirits and evil spirits. On the stone that the kylin is stepping on, one is engraved with the sun and the other is engraved with the moon;

There is a saying in "Flying Star Fu Tongshi": "Hand over to Qiankun.". It means that it is a hexagram to go up and go down. It is not a good sign to have a tendency to be greedy and greedy! There is a risk of becoming poor due to greed. If you want to dispel evil spirits, you can place a pair of dark green Hongfuyu in the southwest this year as the orientation mascot. A bear is holding a big fish with both hands, and a big fish jumping out of the water beside him is a symbol of abundance; while a bear with a bat on its back is a symbol of prosperity. With both great blessings and surplus, it can resolve the evil spirits in the southwest this year.

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Answer Generally speaking, as long as the windows of the living room and the master bedroom face south, the house is warm in winter and cool in summer, and other rooms can face south, and other orientations are fine. The traditional house-oriented culture refers to the whole house facing

Hello! I'm glad you answered, "" refers to the orientation of the whole house, while "sitting" and "" are opposite, which is the position of "mountain". Judging the orientation of a house is the basis for judging whether it is good or bad. In ancient times, all residences were mostly independent courtyards

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Answer Hello, generally speaking, the two orientations of "Northeast" and "Southwest" open the door, but which orientation is suitable for you and is conducive to the development of your career? Generally speaking, the orientations are east and south. hope i answer you

Answer Gen House: Daji (angry side) southwest, Ciji (Yannian side) west, Zhongji (Tianyi side) northwest, Xiaoji (fuwei side) northeast, (side) southeast, Ci (five ghost side) ) is due to the north, and the center is fierce (

Answer Hello, I am very glad to be here to solve your worries and doubts! How to judge the feng shui direction of the door of the commercial house: 1. The corner of the door corridor will affect the family and career luck, and there will be many twists and turns in life.

The bedroom is the starting point of a person's day, and it is a place for people to rest. Most people need to spend one-third of their lives in the bedroom, so the environment in the bedroom is directly related to our quality of life. Bedroom feng shui is closely related to people, personality and mood. Let's take a look at the Feng Shui of the bedroom in the southwest direction.

Located in the southwest bedroom, it is very suitable for the hostess of the family to live in. If a housewife lives in a southwestern bedroom, she may become a real good wife and mother, able to manage all kinds of things in the house in an orderly manner, and is deeply respected by family members and society. But this position is suitable for the male owner of the family, because the southwest belongs to the Kun position. If the male owner lives in the southwest bedroom, it will make the male tend to be feminine, and the man will become a sissy. lose.

The bedroom in the southwest is conducive to concentration and harmony in the personality. People who live in the bedroom in the southwest, do everything with all their heart, personality, closeness, and communication, have, can control their emotions and lose their temper, so they are affirmed by others and praised by people around them. People who live in the southwest bedroom are suitable for human resources, reception work, teachers, and negotiation communication roles. Disadvantages and subordinates have differences in understanding, and more tentative contacts are needed.

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